Here’s Why Bag Raiders’ Song ‘Shooting Stars’ Is A Meme Now

Production duo Bag Raiders have been a staple of the Aussie electronic music scene for over a decade now, but their breakthrough moment can easily be traced back to the release of their iconic 2009 single ‘Shooting Stars’.

In 2017, thanks to the power of the internet and its supreme meme lords, the song has returned to the consciousness of web dwellers, thanks to a series of A+ memes.

As reputable meme source Know Your Meme points out, the origins of the use of ‘Shooting Stars’ in a meme context can be traced back to a YouTube animation uploaded in December 2015.

If you trace its development, the track was then used in a fairly popular video of gorillas dancing, which surfaced around the time that memes about Harambe were at their peak last year. Around the same time, a Vapourwave remix of the song also emerged.

Fast forward to the late January 2017, and YouTube user All Ski Casino uploaded a clip of a man doing a nose dive off a bridge, before jumping into a transdimensional universe and continuing to fly, all accompanied by the drop from ‘Shooting Stars’.

From that point in, it was every man meme for itself, as more and more clips emerged using the song in a similar manner. Most videos suspend a subject in mid air just after they’ve made a leap of faith, and as the beat drops the clip follows their incredible universe-hopping journey.

Even Lady Gaga wasn’t immune from the all-powerful grasp of the meme world on this one.

As for what Bag Raiders think about the whole thing, they’re suitably surprised and pretty confused, but are generally stoked that ‘Shooting Stars’ has made its way back into the public consciousness, and that people are discovering their music who probably wouldn’t have before.

“We had seen a couple of videos I guess, but not a lot at first. There were a couple of times people had made videos that we saw but it’s only really lately people started tagging us in things and we discovered it all,” Chris Stracey told Pedestrian TV.

“The internet is a weird and wonderful place and you can’t try to control it, so that’s nice that people that probably would never have discovered us otherwise have now. Others maybe have forgotten about it are now remembering it. It’s all just totally weird and very of this time.”

So there you have it folks, and whilst you sit here trying to make sense of it all, please enjoy some more of what the ‘Shooting Stars’ meme has gifted us so far.

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