Head of Cadenza Records Samuel Guetta Found Dead

Thursday night in his home on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Samuel Guetta was found dead. The father of two was not only the head of Cadenza Records but was also a key figure in the Ibiza clubbing scene and cousin of EDM icon David Guetta.

Guetta rose to the position of label head back in 2008. He located to the world renowned party location in 1997 and first gained fame after laughing the music website Ibiza Voice according to as well as running a regional booking agency.

Details of his death are yet-to-be released, though a statement was issued from the Ibiza Voice website earlier, stating “He adored drama. ‘Hype, lies and gossip’ wasn’t just a tagline: it was a way of life. He always had a line on the coolest parties, the sexiest girls, and the most outrageous stories. Samuel was a walking exclamation mark who whirled through rooms trailing cigarette smoke and superlatives.”

No comment has been made from David Guetta yet, though there will surely be one shortly.

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