ZZ Top Guitarist And David Guetta Record Album’s Worth Of Material

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 10, 2014

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top has revealed that he has recorded an album’s worth of material with David Guetta. The legendary blues rock guitarist confirmed to Billboard that he and the superstar DJ and electronic producer got together in dance music mecca Ibiza to collaborate on eight to 10 songs.

“I wanted to know how they did certain things, and of course they were badgering me to bring the guitar to the forefront,” said the guitarist. “They said, ‘Y’know, the only thing missing in dance music is a good guitar player.’ I said, ‘Let’s see if we can bring the two together and make it shake.'”

Gibbons said his time with the hit producer resulted in eight or 10 complete tracks, which he expects to see the light of day soon. Though he acknowledges that some fans may be shocked by the surprise collaboration, he insists ZZ Top have a history of taking risks by dabbling in electronics.

“It’s a far cry from what people might expect — ‘Gibbons and electronic stuff?'” he said. “But a lot of people have overlooked the fact that one of the things that made [1983’s] Eliminator so interesting was the opportunity to go into that experimental side of things and fool around with the coolest new toys that could be found… I’m always fascinated by that, so my time in Spain was very fruitful.”

As electronic music grows in popularity each day, it seems it’s increasingly merging with the world of rock and roll. Last month, Music Feeds reported on recent recording sessions by Avicii, which saw the Swedish DJ collaborate with Billie Joe Armstrong, Chris Martin, Serj Tankian, and others.

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Photos by Peter Coates

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