Hear The Smith Street Band’s Wil Wagner Guest On Ceres’ Huge New Single

Currently preparing to support The Smith Street Band on their upcoming album tour, Melbourne outfit Ceres have unveiled an impressive new single featuring Smith Street frontman Wil Wagner.

The newie, titled ‘Stretch Ur Skin’, is a festival-ready anthem that’s packing a whole lotta’ energy, just the right hint of emo-ness and Wagner calling himself “a piece of shit”.

“When [Ceres’] Tom [Lanyon] first asked me to collaborate with Ceres I was really excited,” Wagner says. “Not just because I would get to make music with a band I love but because it’s always so fun getting to hang out with these guys.

“We sent some ideas back and forth and both wrote and re-wrote our parts and then went to [recording studios] Sing Sing South one night to piece our ideas together.

“It all fell into place very naturally and organically and I couldn’t happier with the end result! The entire band kills it on this song, the drum and bass groove at the start is a cool departure from classic Ceres stuff and Sean’s guitar solo absolutely rips.

“I’m very flattered to be involved and stoked on how this song turned out!”

Lanyon says that working with Wagner — “a good friend (and not-so-small inspiration)” — was “quite the trip”.

“We wanted the work to be truly collaborative, not just a guest vocal—so we wrote and re-wrote the song, together and separately to craft something we were both proud to be a part of,” he says.

“Did we get there? Who knows. But it is Wil’s favourite Ceres song supposedly. A little convenient, don’t you think?”

‘Stretch Ur Skin’ features on a new 7″ from Ceres of the same name, which will only be available at shows on The Smith Street Band’s upcoming tour. The record features three songs: ‘Stretch Ur Skin’, ‘Money’ and ‘Sook’.

Stream ‘Stretch Ur Skin’ in full, below.

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