Hear The Delta Riggs Take It Back To Britpop On ‘The Record’s Flawed’

The Delta Riggs have unveiled The Record’s Flawed, the latest single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming second album, Dipz Zebazios. The single is the follow-up to the swaggering Supersonic Casualties, which the band revealed is a personal favourite of legendary guitar god Jimmy Page.

The Record’s Flawed is a spiralling power-pop excursion that combines The Delta Riggs’ own particular brand of cocksure bravado and uplifting melodies with a familiar sonic palette that recalls in equal measure, the mighty Primal Scream at their Screamadelica best and Britpop-era Oasis.

“The song represents the idea that we are manipulated by the media, painting pictures which we rarely question,” explained Delta Riggs frontman Elliott Hammond. “We’re always being fed a message & it’s up to the individual to get wise about this stuff and not take the bullshit 24/7.”

Elliott said that the band’s willingness to experiment with songs like The Record’s Flawed leant to the excitement of the new LP. “It’s a protest song not unlike most of our stuff, but this time round we’ve been experimenting by mixing the urgency with heavy R&B feels throughout the record,” he said.

However, no word yet on what Mr Page thinks of the single. The Led Zeppelin guitarist recently showed up at one of the band’s London gigs, chatting with the members after the show to share his appreciation for Supersonic Casualties and Rah Rah Radio, and to ask for a copy of the new LP.

Dipz Zebazios is slated for release this September and sees the band take on the lessons learnt conquering stages at The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City and London Calling festivals, and mix them with a raft of new influences to create a record that is unique, addictive, and progressive.

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Listen: The Delta Riggs – The Record’s Flawed

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Photos by Zoltan Blazer

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