Hear An Unreleased Verse Ice Cube Recorded For NWA’s ‘Fuck The Police’

This year’s Straight Outta Compton biopic thrust ’80s rap collective NWA back into the spotlight and it seems audiences are hungry for more, with an unreleased version of Fuck The Police being unearthed.

The new version uploaded onto YouTube features a previously unheard verse by Ice Cube, said to be the first of three verses that the rapper recorded for the track. The verses were edited out of the final version but more than two decades after its release we are getting to hear them.

“Stereotypes of a brother like me, down with the niggas from the CPT posse, they callin’ me a thug ’cause I carry a piece, that’s why I say, ’Fuck police,” he raps over the iconic beat on this new version.

The original featured on NWA’s 1998 debut album Straight Outta Compton and protested racial prejudice and police brutality. This year’s Straight Outta Compton biopic touched on NWA’s run-ins with the police.

It’s unknown yet whether we will get to hear the other two unreleased Ice Cube verses but at least there’s some hope that they’re out there somewhere.

Listen: Ice Cube Unreleased Fuck The Police Solo Demo

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