The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard Is Here To Make Your Texts More Brutal

The ever-expanding emoji universe has yet another new addition, thanks to the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard, which is here to make all of your texts just that little bit more brutal.

Created by developer KeyLuminati, the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard is a self-described “anti-pop emoji keyboard” which includes a stack of metal-friendly emoji, including some rockin’ hand gestures, a gravestone, a black heart (and broken heart), bearded rockers with different skin tones, a joint, devils, skulls and even a cucumber wrapped in aluminium foil, cause remember this?

The official metal horns emoji was introduced by the Unicode Consortium (aka the emoji gods) in 2015, but the Heavy Metal Emoji keyboard takes things to another level, with more and more emoji still being added to the app.

What’s more, users can change the size of their brutal new emoji, and can even give them white or transparent backgrounds to vary things up.

The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard is available for iPhone over at the Apple App Store, and is coming soon to Android — to be notified when it does arrive, sign up at the Heavy Metal Emoji website.

Catch some screenshots of the app in action, below.

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