Henry Rollins Warns Australians To Stay Away From America Following Trump Victory

Outspoken US musician Henry Rollins has issued a warning to Australia after America voted in Donald Trump as President-elect this week.

In a piece he’s penned for Rolling Stone, Rollins alled watching Donald Trump elected the most significant event of 2016 – and warned Australians to stay away from America.

“As a friend and fan of Australia, I warn you to stay away from the USA for quite some time,” he says. “It is not the place it claims to be.”

“It is good advice to heed the wise words of Maya Angelou: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” The USA has chosen Donald Trump. This is who we are. You really don’t want a piece of this.”

In the piece he also says that in electing Trump American has turned itself into a reality show, and says that everything the world hates about American will become bigger and worse under Trump.

He has a warning for Malcolm Turnbull, urging him not to treat the USA as “the ally you may have once thought it was.”

“The man soon to be in charge has no clue as to what the job he has just been elected to entails,” he says. “Do not feed your military into whatever conflict this man initiates.”

There is a silver lining through, says Rollins, that being that Trump’s most loyal supporter base are unlikely to ever come to visit Australia. “I wonder if they could find it on a map?” he ponders.

Rollins has been quite involved in Australian politics this year, coming on the project in August to smack down Australia’s ridiculous same-sex marriage debate.

Watch: Henry Rollins Smacks Down Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Debate

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