Here’s What Bach Would’ve Been Like If He Played In A Metal Band

Everyone’s favourite German baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, has been reimagined as a metal-head with the help of one man, his guitar and a wig.

YouTuber and young Bach lookalike Rob Scallon — the dude who helped introduced the world to binary metal — has recreated Bach’s classic banger Badinerie as if the composer wrote it for his own metal band, and it sounds downright awesome.

Sure, Bach’s music has been given the rock’n’roll treatment by many a modern day human, but not all of them wear era-appropriate wigs and have a kick-ass backing track with some beastly kick drum work.

bach deal with it

Badinerie, which we all know is from Suite No. 2 in B minor, BWV 1067 — duh — gets its name from the French for “a pleasantry”. That said, Scallon’s metal version is anything but pleasantries.

Speaking about how well Badinerie translates in the world of metal, Scallon says, “It turns out Bach is pretty brutal.” We tend to agree.

Experience what Bach would’ve been like if he was in a metal band and had a popular YouTube channel, below.

Watch: Bach’s ‘Badinerie’ If He Was In A Metal Band

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