Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Soundwave Rewards

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

The Soundwave 2016 lineup is not the only thing fans should be excited about in 2016. This year Soundwave have taken your festival experience to a whole new level, meaning your Soundwave 2016 ticket lends you even more than just entry to the festival. As if that wasn’t enough.

Dubbed Soundwave Rewards, the festival and ticketing partner Eventopia have created a brand new program so that your Soundwave ticket keeps on giving – before, during and after the festival – with a bunch of special offers, discounts at participating retailers, and opportunities for you to earn yourself some sweet Soundwave Bonus Cash.

This means you could earn hundreds of dollars throughout the year that you can use immediately at selected retailers, at the 2016 festival or save up to spend on your Soundwave 2017 ticket.

Have more questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here’s a handy guide:

So, what is the Soundwave Rewards thing and how do I become a part of it?

This year Soundwave will be replacing traditional tickets with a handy new membership card, designed especially for Soundwave fans. This card will get you both entry to the festival as well as unlock a heap of discounts and rewards from participating outlets as well as ways for you to earn some Soundwave Bonus Cash for you to redeem with your everyday shopping, or even save up the cash to use at the festival or put towards your 2017 ticket. Sick.

Again, all you need to do to get amongst this is to grab yourself a ticket to Soundwave 2016.

So I’ve bought my ticket and received my SW Rewards card. What’s the next step?

Once you’ve received your SW Rewards card, which also has your ticket to Soundwave 2016 loaded onto it, make sure to activate it by going to and follow the prompts.

What are these benefits you’re talking about?

The main benefit is the Soundwave Bonus Cash, but you’ll also receive regular updates with specials, events and offers from other retailers. You’ll be able to download iKoupons direct to you card, buy stuff direct from the Soundwave Online Store or purchase bonus eVouchers which are redeemable at participating outlets.

Okay spell it out, what’s an iKoupon gift card?

An iKoupon gift card is an electronic coupon provided by a retailer that is linked to your card. All you have to do is head to the Soundwave Rewards website to see what kind of iKoupons are available, click “order” and follow the prompts. Your ikoupon gift card will be live on your card within 48 hours, ready for you to use in store at the designated retailer.

Just hand your card over to swipe and start reaping those rewards.

Cool, got that. Now what about these eVouchers?

An eVoucher is similar to a gift card, except you buy these from the Soundwave Rewards website while at the same time earning some Soundwave Bonus Cash.

Once purchased, the eVoucher is then sent to you by email with a set of instructions. You will need to print the voucher out and take it in store with you in order to receive the discount off your purchase.

Woah let’s go back a bit, explain this Soundwave Bonus Cash again.

Soundwave Bonus Cash is exactly what you think it is – extra cash that you earn by using your membership to buy stuff at participating outlets either in store or online. You’ll earn this cash by purchasing eVouchers, buying stuff from the Soundwave Online Store and redeeming those iKoupons.

What’s the Soundwave Online Store you keep talking about?

The Soundwave Online Store is an online store, obvs, with a whole heap of brands and online shopping outlets where you can earn Soundwave Bonus Cash with each purchase. Simply browse through the categories and find a brand or store where you would like to shop, click their logo, chuck in your user name and password and you will be then linked directly to the store’s site.

Buy whatever you want from there and you’ve then earned your Soundwave Bonus Cash which will be credited to your account as soon as the funds are received from the store. Easy. If you want to shop at more than one brand or online store, that’s cool, all you need to do is come back to the Soundwave Online Store shopping page and click on the next one.

How much of this Soundwave Bonus Cash can I earn?

It varies depending on the retailer, but can be up to 40% with some retailers.

Who are these participating retailers?

These are brand and stores who have agreed to provide Soundwave Bonus Cash for any purchase made using your Soundwave Rewards membership. These include brands like ASOS, Coles, Dan Murphy’s, Expedia, General Pants Co., Mossimo, Peter Alexander, Sony, Sunglass Hut, The Iconic, Webjet and a bunch more. See the Soundwave Rewards website for the full list of participating retailers.

So, can I actually make money with my Soundwave Rewards card?

Yes, that’s the cool part. Say, for example, you spend around $200 a month at one of the participating supermarkets, that’s around $2,400 a year you would be spending anyway. With Soundwave Rewards you’ll get about a 5% cash rebate on that, earning yourself an extra $120 in Soundwave Bonus Cash direct to your account which you can put towards your everyday shopping, or save it up for that Soundwave 2017 ticket.

How do I use the Soundwave Bonus Cash I have earned?

Once you’ve built up enough Soundwave Bonus Cash in your online account you can use it at the Soundwave 2016 event, or redeem it at any time at selected retailers. You may even choose to save it up to purchase your Soundwave 2017 tickets.

Is there a way to check the balance of the cash rebates that I’ve earned?

You can check your Card balance and transaction history at any time, free of charge at the website. Click on the ‘My Account’ button on the top menu bar and follow the prompts.

Can I use my rewards card all year round?

Yes – your Soundwave Rewards card will be valid for one year from the time of the program launch. Note though, your membership might be cancelled if there is no activity for a 6 month period.

Where do I go for more information?

For general enquiries on the Soundwave Rewards program head to the Soundwave Rewards website.

Now that’s all sorted, make sure you’re tuning in to the Music Feeds’ live stream of the first full Soundwave 2016 lineup!

UPDATE: The first full Soundwave 2016 lineup is here!

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