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Soundwave 2016 Officially Cancelled

Written by Tom Williams on December 17, 2015

UPDATE 18/12/15: A stack of Soundwave 2016 acts, including Disturbed, Bring Me The Horizon, NOFX and Bullet For My Valentine, have cancelled their trips to Australia because of the festival’s cancellation, and have offered glimpses into their future Aussie tours.

UPDATE 17/12/15 6.50 PM: Soundwave’s ticket agent says the festival is responsible for your refunds.

The fate of Soundwave 2016 has been decided, with the festival now officially cancelled and “definitely” not returning in 2017. Sadly, Soundwave 2015 is likely to have been the festival’s very last run.

Posting to Twitter, Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has confirmed the festival’s cancellation, saying, “I am devastated to have to announce the cancellation of Soundwave 16 due to poor ticket sales. I am very sorry. I tried my best.

“Thank you to all the fans, bands and people who supported the event for the last 12 years,” he added. “I wish we could have ended it on a better note.”

Maddah also noted that refunds will be available “from point of purchase”, and urged ticket-holders to “be patient an wait [for] contact from Eventopia”.

Doubts surrounding the future of Soundwave 2016 escalated recently, with festival drawcards Bring Me The Horizon surprising Australian fans by saying they weren’t completely locked in for the tour, despite being announced on the Soundwave lineup. Fellow SW16 acts NOFX and Frenzal Rhomb also cast doubt on the festival’s fate.

Since then, international act L7 pulled the plug on their Soundwave appearance, while it has been revealed that at least two of the the festival’s advertised venues have not yet confirmed any bookings for the 2016 event, a mere 37 days out from its supposed kickoff.

Maddah has also said the festival won’t run in 2017. “It’s a lot of hard work, stress & risk in return for which we get hate & stupidity #OverIt,” Maddah said, before also confirming the Soundwave Touring company will soon cease to exist.

Replying to a punter today about whether the touring company will survive in some form, Maddah said he “can’t see it” happening, adding that he’s “flat broke and physically and spiritually crushed. Hopefully others will pick it up & run with it.”

Yesterday Maddah implied that the fate of the festival’s 2016 dates were in the hands of “some scumbags at Eventopia/Tickete[k]”.

Eventopia has denied that they had a say in the survival of Soundwave 2016, and released a statement, directing all concerns to Maddah. In response, the promoter accused the ticketing company of failing “to give SW a scheduled advance to pay deposits to NOFX and [Bring Me The Horizon].”

Soundwave 2016 was scheduled to take place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in January, featuring acts like Disturbed, Bring Me The Horizon, The Prodigy, Deftones, Killswitch Engage, NOFX and Bullet For My Valentine.

Soundwave 2016 ticket-holders are entitled to refunds, and Maddah has said all The Soundwave Society (TSS) members will also be offered their money back.

Soundwave spread to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide after originally beginning as Gravity Soundwave in Perth back in 2004. Today, unfortunately, the event appears to have reached its end.

Thanks for the memories, Soundwave.

UPDATE: Here’s How Much Money Soundwave 2015 Acts Are Owed

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Soundwave Festival 2016 — CANCELLED

Saturday, 23rd January 2016

Sunday, 24th January 2016

Tuesday, 26th January 2016

Soundwave Festival’s Cancelled 2016 Lineup

Bring Me The Horizon
The Prodigy
Killswitch Engage
Bullet For My Valentine
Public Enemy
Ill Niño
Metal Allegiance
Terror Universal
Dead Letter Circus
frnkiero andthe cellabration
Nothing But Thieves
Frenzal Rhomb
Devil You Know
Moose Blood
Relient K
Walls Of Jericho

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  • Andrew Scherer

    Will people get a refund on tickets that have already been bought

    • Cheshire

      Did you not read the article? “refunds will be available from point of purchase”

      • Antony Marrapodi

        Got an email from eventopia saying the promoter will have to give the refund and their saying point of purchase. One big circle and no one wants to refund our tickets

        • Mel R

          The ticket outlet has to provide a refund under the law. They are the entity we entered a contract with. It’s a shame we are going to have to fight with Eventopia to enforce our legal right to a refund. If they have a commercial arrangement with Soundwave’s promoter that is their issue.

          • Ben

            True, your contract is with Eventopia and not Soundwave’s promoter. However, in your contract with Eventopia, you agreed that Eventopia has no liability to you, and that all claims are the sole responsibility of the Event Organiser.

            I am interpreting this as saying: File a claim with the Event Organiser (AJ) who would then refund you via us (Eventopia). Or quite simply, Eventopia is responsible for PROCESSING the refund, but are not responsible for PAYING the refund.

      • Joel

        Eventopia has said its the soundswaves promoter is resposable for refund of tickets

        “In line with our ticketing sales agreement, the Festival Promoter is responsible for all ticketing funds that were advanced, and is directly liable to all ticket purchasers for issuing customer refunds”

  • Howard Aitchison

    Exactly how do I get a refund for my ticket, my air fare and my hotel? All of which I have already paid for.

    • Anderlie

      I hear you. I’m struggling for work and it was a big effort to pay for my trip to Brisbane. Thanks for that soundwave.

    • Core X Craven

      You won’t get a refund for your airfare and hotel, however you may still use this time to take a relaxing holiday.
      Refunds will either be processed by eventopia, or it’ll end up being a class action lawsuit, in which case who knows.

      • Giveusbackourfestival

        That is no solace.

    • Giveusbackourfestival

      Yep, great question! I am in the same predicament brought on by that idiot.

    • Candi Licious

      You may be able to claim flights and accommodation if you bought travel insurance due to cancelled “special event”

  • John McClumpha

    So even though eventopia’s own terms clearly state ”
    Eventopia will only offer a refund or exchange of a ticket if an event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated by the Event Organiser (and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event), or to the extent otherwise required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law). You must apply for a refund within a reasonable time. Eventopia does not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in your personal circumstances.” – from
    they’re trying to pass the buck on refunds????

    • Ben

      Unfortunately, the paragraph at the top states “Eventopia does not operate these events and all tickets are sold or
      issued by Eventopia as agent for the person responsible for the relevant
      event (“Event Organiser”). All claims are the sole responsibility of the Event Organiser and, to
      the extent permitted by law, Eventopia has no liability to you”. It may seem like it contradicts what you quote, but it doesn’t.
      To put it simply, Eventopia is responsible for processing your refund, but are not liable for the money. That is to say, it AJ’s responsibility to pay you back your money via Eventopia (and not Eventopia’s responsibility to pay you back via Eventopia).

      I know it doesn’t help your case, but it’s AJ who is passing to buck when he is clearly responsible.

      • Leah Martin

        Yea. They are like PayPal. They are the middle man and just communicate between you and the event holder to put it simply.

  • Steve Roberston

    Here are some little known details about this debacle and
    what will end with the death of numerous music related businesses as a result
    of this arrogant, obnoxious and egotistical idiot….

    SW has been in trouble since 2014.

    The SW line up in 2013 exhausted the market of quality acts – AJ was advised
    by the smartest minds in theindustry to spread the quality over several years….But
    no, AJ knows best

    He has been behaving like a gangster for years and treats event suppliers like dogs using standover tactics

    Many event suppliers will go under due to
    carrying debt for this pig for years.

    After killing BDO and now SW suppliers will not
    be able to carry the investment they have made to service such events by way of
    buying equipment et

    AJ has been getting advanced money for services
    he has not provided – ie. the event as advertised – he should be 100% liable for
    all refunds to punters…. No questions asked

    Eventopia was created for school formals not
    full blown commercial events and the fact that AJ managed to get his hands on the
    ticket money is completely against the industry code of practice. Shame on Ticketek

    AJ shit on a lot of people on the way up and now all of them are going to kick the prick on the way down. Good riddance AJ! Hope you take a hiding asshole.

    It will take the industry years to recover….you
    say you love the fans but you disrespect the decades of industry experience
    which were vocal in their concerns with your shortlived, ill conceived business model.
    You have f^&ed the fans by thinking you are bigger and smarter than
    everyone else….goodbye!
    People will lose their ticket money but people will lose their jobs and businesses… all because of one man

  • Giveusbackourfestival

    Fuck you, AJ, you piece of shit! Are you going to refund me the $1000 for two tickets to Melbourne that I no longer need? First you take OUR festival away from its birthplace, Perth. Then, it’s Adelaides turn to get the chop. Now, you fuck it right up. Thanks a lot, arse hole. I always to refused to support Soundwave ever since it left Perth. I was paying thousands of dollars just to see my favorite band play at the 2016 Soundwave, but thanks to your incompetence, that won’t be happening. With your impaired intellect, I don’t think you are fit to run a children’s lemonade stand. I wish the very worst for you and your future endeavors. You better refund me for my two tickets, which is yet another thing you failed at. And what the hell was the deal with this rewards card idea? What a pathetic idea! It’s Soundwave, not Woolworths.

    I hope you end up with a plethora of lawsuits and end up homeless on the street. Don’t worry, though. If I happen to see you, I will piss in your desperate, outstretched hands and literally piss myself laughing.

  • James McGlinn
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