Kim Petras Holds Impromptu Photoshoot In Front Of The Westboro Baptist Church Picketing Her Concert

Content warning: this article discusses transphobia and the Westboro Baptist Church

Kim Petras is currently undertaking her massive US tour, and her presence in Kansas City has angered the awful folk of the Westboro Baptist Church who announced that they would be picketing her gig.

Petras, who is trans, took it in her stride though and opted for a photoshoot across the road from the picketers, seemingly completely unbothered.

The church announced they’d be picketing Petras’ gig last week, saying a whole bunch of horrendous, discriminatory things about her, to which Petras released an official statement.

That statement was, naturally, a montage of videos of herself with a headline photoshopped across it saying “hoes mad.”

Kim Petras toured Australia earlier this year with a bunch of sold out shows. In October, she released her second studio album Turn Off The Light.

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