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Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal Passionately Defending Sean Paul

Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhall has provided the internet with an extremely endearing video of him passionately expressing his fondness for dancehall icon Sean Paul.

Gyllenhaal and co-star Tom Holland appeared on a BBC Radio One segment called ‘Unpopular Opinions’, and a listener called in to give the hot take that Paul was “overrated”. Mega stan Gyllenhaal was having none of it, immediately telling producers to “hang up on him.”

“Sean Paul makes every song better,” yells Donnie Darko himself. “There’s no song he’s on – remix he’s on – that isn’t good.”

When host Greg James asks Gyllenhaal for his favourite Sean Paul cut, he briefly hesitates before saying “The one with Sia” – as in, ‘Cheap Thrills’.

As numerous outlets have pointed out, this opinion… well, actually does kind of suck. It’s unquestionably a great song, but stacked up against the classic that is ‘Temperature’? Forget about it.

Watch Gyllenhaal and Holland below. The part about Sean Paul starts at around the three minute mark.



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