Here’s What Your Favourite Aussie Musos Were Like In High School

Whether it was scraping together enough shrapnel at big lunch to afford a sausage roll from the tuck shop, or a Caramello Koala from one of those kids/drug barons who always seemed to be peddling boxes of Freddo’s for some reason. Or sneaking into the toilets to try to pick the remnants of said snacks out of your braces while hoping to god that none of those wet wads of toilet paper that some genius had hucked at the ceiling decided to fall on your head (or was that just me?), high school was an awkward time for everyone.

Even Australian music’s best and brightest were not immune to the trials and tribulations of years 7-12, as a new video from our pals at triple j clearly demonstrates.

In the clip, we’re given insight into the dorkerific teen years of some of the station’s favourite artists. From Montaigne’s ill-advised love affair with dreadlocks, to Seth Sentry and his wacky sax, Asta’s emo phase, the jazz geeks that were Art Vs Science and Peking Duk as inline skate punks who got rolled for their lunch money at bus stops.

The whole thing actually has a point of course – to commemorate the launch of this year’s instalment of the j’s Unearthed High competition, which was last year taken out by young gun producer Japanese Wallpaper.

The 2015 triple j Unearthed High competition is now open, with finalists set to be announced on Monday 10th August, with the winning act to be unveiled on Thursday, 20th August.

Prizes include being flown to the station’s studio to have your song professionally recorded, remixed or mastered by triple j’s Music Producers, to then be played on triple j and triple j Unearthed. You’ll also get professional music advice from a top Australian act and their manager. Plus triple j will go to your school, officially making you the coolest kid on buslines.

In the wise words of self-described tomboy and handball champion of the quad, Elizabeth Rose: “You will get listened to. And if it’s great you’ll get great opportunities”.

Hopefuls can enter the competition here (remember you actually have to still be in high school, just being generally immature doesn’t qualify).

In the meantime, receive a confidence boost by watching your favourite Aussie artists reflect on their own gawky high school years, below.

Watch: Triple J Unearthed High 2015 Launch Video

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