Hilarious Video Shows A Confused Scott Stapp Reviewing ‘Creed’ The Movie

“Finally! The epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!'” Scott Stapp proclaims in the newest clip from Funny or Die.

Stapp has been tapped to review Hollywood’s new Rocky spin-off, Creed, and he’s a little confused, although thankfully not about a biological attack on the US state of Florida (this time).

The befuddled frontman reports on what he believes to be a Creed biopic, lamenting the casting of Michael B. Jordan who bears little resemblance to himself, as well as the disappointing lack of killer guitar solos upon mountaintops.

“As Creed the movie unfolded, there wasn’t much that resembled what happened in Creed the band,” Stapp reflects sadly, also pointing out the disproportionate amount of boxing going on.

“One time I punched a guy from 311, but I never actually boxed,” he explains.

But, despite his grievances, Stapp was still impressed by the film overall, awarding it four Arms Wide Open out of five.

Of course, Stapp is taking the full piss out of himself, a good sport move following the hoax petition that was launched by the internet’s “Creedmunity” in the lead-up to the film’s release, calling for its name to be changed to avoid confusion (aka Creed trolling at its finest).

But in all seriousness, it’s nice to see Stapp looking happy and healthy after a tumultuous few years.

For those who’ve seen any movie in the Rocky franchise (which is, der, everyone), Creed the movie is about Apollo Creed’s son, who makes the trip to Philadelphia to follow in his father’s footsteps under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa (tute on, son! Tute on!).

Hear Scott Stapp’s thoughts on the film in the video, below.

Watch: Scott Stapp Reviews Creed

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