HMV Store Ban Staff From Showing Tattoos

Following a decision that really has no place in this day and age, staff at music retail giant HMV have been banned from showing their tattoos, to rub salt in the wound, management has also demanded hair cuts.

Reports have started to come in from a particular high street store in the UK, according to The Sun. Word is, the powers that be have issued a new ‘appearance policy’ towards their staff which strictly states that men are to now on only wear blue demin jeans, and woman, denim skirts.

Subtle tattoos and piercings will be tolerated but any thing too hectic will need to be ‘removed (yeah, good one) or covered.’ This sounds an awful lot like the same discrimination Travis Barker recently suffered at the hands of the LAPD. Though I hate to say it, this all comes with the turf.

One worker stated “We’ve got new management. It’s ridiculous and discrimination.”

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