Homebake 2011 – Film (& Performance) Line-up

Homebake 2011 has announced its film line-up for this year’s festival, promising to be the most exciting exhibition of Australian and New Zealand filmmaking talent they’ve ever put together. The Homebake Cinema Pavilion has always been about honouring a charter that recognises and promotes fresh local talent and placing it all before an entertainment-loving audience.

Since 2000, the festival has had filmmakers who have gone on to establish themselves as prominent and highly successful feature film directors, both here and overseas. The Homebake Cinema Pavilion, unlike the major competitive film festivals in Australia, is not an awards-based festival with a first run eligibility criteria – it is simply a showcase of the most exciting work out there, the best of the best, and, as such, we are able to access films that have already taken awards at many of the most prestigious festivals both locally and around the world.

This year’s program includes films which have taken, or been nominated for, major awards at Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Montreal, Edinburgh, Aspen, St Petersburg, Tropfest, Sydney and Melbourne International Film Festivals, London, Chicago, Venice, Toronto; the list goes on and on.

The full program and session details are up online now here –

Coinciding with the Cinema Pavilion activities this year, there will also be performances by the Cinema Pavilion stars – Seeker Lover Keeper + special acoustic performances by up & coming stars, Lanie Lane & Daniel Lee Kendall.

The following short films will be presented:

Film Title: ‘Tarboy’

Synopsis: ‘Arising from the tar pit where millions of robot slaves were banished to death, the Tarboy seeks out revenge on the realm’s corporate rulers’!

Director: James Lee and Hania Lee

Producers: James Lee and Hania Lee

Major Festivals/Awards: Siggraph Asia Computer Animation Festival – Singapore – December 2008, Siggraph Computer Animation Festival – Los Angeles – August 2008, Queensland New Film Makers Awards – Brisbane Australia – August 2008, Melbourne International Animation Festival – Melbourne Australia – June 2008, Less is more 003 – Brisbane Australia – May 2008, International Animated Film Festival Reanimacja – Lodz Poland – April 2008.

Film Title: ‘Apricot’

Synopsis: A chance encounter between a mysterious man and a beautiful woman soon becomes deeply personal. Playful prods about the woman’s first childhood kiss sparks a series of fragmented memories. The intoxicating situation turns when the mysterious, handsome man begins to take notes on their conversation.

Director: Ben Briand

Producer: Matt Dooley, Michele Bennett, Alexis Bensa, Gaspard Chevance

Starring: Ewan Leslie and Laura Gordan

Awards/Festivals: Best Narrative Film on Vimeo

Film Title: ‘Buried’

Synopsis: Sometimes, disposing of a body can be a real pain in the arse.

Director: Tim Bullock

Producer: Tim Bullock

Awards/Festivals – Winner Tropfest 2003, Best Actor – Male, Jason Gann, Best Editing – Craig Wilson.

Film Title: ‘The Rose of Ba Ziz’

Synopsis: There is a rose that grows in the sands of Ba Zee. East of Cadiz, tween Biz Ah and Ba Ziz, In the shifting sands of Ba Zee. The old camel driver knows how came this rose, Where nothing else grows, In the shifting sands of Ba Zee. He told me the tale one night in Ba Zee, And I’ll tell it to you as he told it to me. Inspired by a looming film festival deadline, Aden carried the film from blank page to screening in four days, delivering the film for a budget of only $700.

Director/Producer: Aden Young

Starring: Roy Billing (The Dish, Underbelly), Tony Llewellyn Jones (Salvation, Cosi), Loene Carmen (Red Dog, Blue Murder, Tom White)

Narrated By: Hugo Weaving (Captain America, V for Vendetta, The Matrix)

Special Mention: Drawing on the magical fables half-remembered from childhood’s chimerical memories, Aden Young’s THE ROSE OF BA ZIZ unfolds through the kind of visual experimental exotica that in part recalls the lavish works of the 60s’ underground. An empty lot and its inhabitants are transformed into the mystical land of Ba Ziz, a world that sparkles with slashes of colour and echoes to haunting, even melancholy, music drawn from violins and accordions. Young melds together this arabesque vision with a fluid narration that emphasises the linguistic pleasures of the children’s book from which this tale was adapted, creating a genuine luminous work.


Major Festivals/Awards:Sundance Film Festival 09 – USA, Montreal World Film Festival 2009 – Canada, Edinburgh International Film Festival 09 – Scotland, Sydney International Film Festival 09 – Winner, 15th Annual Palm Springs International Shortsfest –USA, 18th Aspen Shortsfest 09 – USA, Australian Film Institute Awards 2009, International Film Festival Ireland.

Film Title: ‘Spider’

Synopsis: Jack and Jill are always hurting each other’s feelings. But like Mum said, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Directed By: Nash Edgerton – Bluetonge Films (The Official Homebake Cinema Pavilion Hosts & Curators)

Producers: Nicole O’Donohue

Written By: Nash Edgerton + David Michôd

Cast: Jack – Nash Edgerton, Jill – Mirrah Foulkes, Gas Station Attendants – Chum Ehelepola & Bruno Xavier, Hit Driver – David Michôd, Concerned Pedestrian – Sebastian Dickins, Paramedics – Tony Lynch & Joel Edgerton, Police Officer – Ashley Fairfield

Festivals: Silver Award – box[ur]shorts™ Film Festival 2010 (online), Cinecity – The Brighton Film Festival 2009 (Brighton, UK), Audience Award & Best Editing – 24fps International Short Film Festival 2009 (Abilene, USA), Capalbio Cinema International 2009 (Capalbio, ITALY), Audience Award, Best Actor & Best Actress – Cryptshow Festival 2009 (Barcelona, SPAIN), Festival de la Cité 2009 (Lausanne, SWITZERLAND), Film InFest 2009 (Montreal, CANADA), 3rd La Perla Nera Horror Festival (Florence, ITALY), 25th Hamburg International Short Film Festival ’09 (Hamburg, GERMANY), 35th Seattle International Film Festival ’09 (Seattle, USA), 12th Festival Court Metrage De Bruxelles ’09 (Brussels, BELGIUM), Best Overall Film – Sen3Film Festival 2009 (New York, USA), 12th Okanagan Film Festival ’09 (Kelowna, CANADA) & many, many more!!

Film Title: ‘Rainman goes to RocKwiz’

Synopsis: Mark Boerebach lives in a black and white world but he dreams in color. A nearly blind recluse with Aspergers Syndrome, can he break out of his constrictive routine and show his amazing music chart recall on a live TV quiz show. Along the way we have some incredible insights into Mark’s touching and remarkable life.

Director: Russell Kilbey

Producer: Amy Scully

Special Mention: “Mark Boerebach is the real deal. His knowledge of the Australian Music Charts is truly astounding.” Glenn A. Baker, Three times Rock-Brain of the Universe.

Major Festivals/Awards: Winner –Best Emerging Filmmaker Disability Superfest CA 2011, Winner -Best Director Bosifest Belgrade Sebia 2011, Anchorage International Film Fest 2010, NXNE – Toronto 2011.

Film Title: ‘CICADA’

Synopsis: An incendiary, visceral monologue, Cicada is a retelling of the first memory of Daniel P. Jones who, aged 5, witnessed a brutal execution-style murder. ‘BANG… and then that’s it… and this chemical floods through you and there’s the burning of the gun powder and there’s that smell… and there’s that taste… there’s that taste of blood… and brain… all I know is he was the devil… he wasn’t God… he was the devil… and that scratched my record… that put a scratch in my record…’ Daniel P. Jones

Directed By: Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Producers: Sally Hussey, Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Story: Daniel P. Jones

Festivals: Official Selection Directors’ Fortnight, 62nd Cannes International Film Festival, Official Selection Sydney Film Festival, Official Selection Melbourne International Film Festival.

Film Title: ‘Marry Me’

Synopsis: Marry Me is a little love story about a little girl who likes a little boy and a little boy who likes his BMX bike.

Writer/Director: Michelle Lehman

Producer: Michelle Lehman & Karl Conti

Awards: Winner Tropfest 2008

Film Title: ‘Nana’

Synopsis: Nana’s granddaughter thinks Nana’s pretty special. She loves her Nana because she helps the old people, she’s a good painter and other people love her too. Nana’s got everyone under control.

Director: Warwick Thornton

Producer: Kath Shelper

Starring: Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Kiara Napurrula Gibson, Ted Egan Jangala, Noreen Robertson Nampijinpa

EXTRA NOTES:’I never knew my nana, so if I was to meet my nana, this is what I think she would be like. Nana is a lament to all the nana’s out there – keeping it strong, keeping it real.’ Director’s statement.

Awards/Festivals: Best Narrative Film on Vimeo

Film Title: ‘Glenn Owen Dodds’

Synopsis: You want the meaning of life? You’ve got 5 minutes. Who is Glenn Owen Dodds? Conman? Charlatan? Or creator and ruler of the universe? Could Michael Radcliffe really be meeting his maker? Either way, everybody gets five minutes. What you take away is up to you. For Michael Radcliffe, it may just be the meaning of life.

Director: Frazer Bailey

Writer: Trent Dalton

Producer: Bec Dakin

Special Mention: An illuminating comedy for anyone who’s ever asked themselves the question, ‘Why am I here?’

Starring David Wenham, Abe Forsythe & Bella Heathcote, Glenn Owen Dodds is an uplifting tale of love, faith, the meaning of life and other trivial matters.

Festivals: Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France – 2010, Winner of the International Prix Canal+ Award, Heart of Gold International Film Festival, Queensland, Australia – 2010, Winner Best Queensland Film, Aspen Shortsfest – Colorado, USA – 2010, Winner of the Audience Favourite Award, Winner of the Creative Consultation in Writing – Screenwriter Trent Dalton, Next Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania – 2010, Newport Beach Film Festival, California, USA – 2010, Seattle International Film Festival, Washington, USA – 2010, Dungog Film Festival, New South Wales, Australia – 2010, Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia – 2010, Munich International Short Film Festival, Munich, Germany – 2010, Nominated for 2010 AFI Awards – Best Screenplay – Short Film plus many, many more!

Film Title: ‘Carmichael & Shane’

Synopsis: A single father has a unique approach to raising his two year old twin boys- pick a favourite.

Director: Alex Weinress, Rob Carlton

Producer: Alex Weinress, Rob Carlton

Awards/Festivals: Winner Tropfest 2006

Film Title: ‘Dik’

Synopsis: A six year old boy brings home a piece of school work that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation. And their own. Six year old Andrew enjoys soccer, likes drawing and is excited by his developing writing skills. His father, Robert, is proud of his son’s soccer achievements; a little perturbed by his preference for the colour pink and completely freaked by what might be going on with Andrew and his school friend Tim. Rachel – Andrew’s mother, Robert’s wife – is a yoga devotee and considers herself a modern, broad minded woman but discovers her limit when her husband’s simple mistake spells disaster.

Director: Christopher Stollery

Producer: Sunny Grace

Cast: Dad – Patrick Brammall, Mum – Alexa Ashton, Andrew – Keilan Grace

Festivals: Best Short Film – Tulsa International Film Festival 2011, Aspen Shortfest – Best Comedy 2011, San Jose Short Film Festival – Official Selection 2011, St Louis Film Festival – Official Selection, Flickerfest (Sydney, Australia) Best Original Screenplay, A Comedy Shorts Audience Choice, Palm Springs Short Film Festival Audience Choice, Tulsa International Film Festival Best Foreign Short Film, Rhode Island International Best Comedy Short, plus many, many more!

You can see the full Homebake 2011 music Line up here

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