Homebake 2012 – Live Updates!

Music Feeds is on the ground at The Domain today to bring you all the breaking news and action from one of Australia’s most loved festivals, Homebake!

Headlined by Blondie – the first ever non-Australia/NZ act to appear at the event – today’s festival features a truckload of local talent across four different stages. Leading the pack are recent ARIA winners Kimbra and DZ Dethrays, Something for Kate, Birds of Tokyo, Angus Stone, Julia Stone and veterans The Saints.

Away from all the music, there’s also a cinema pavilion (curated by Kieran Darcy-Smith/Blue-Tongue), the New Comedy Stage (presented by Sydney Comedy Festival), roving activities & performers, international food fair, market stalls, and an artist signing tent.

Music Feeds will be conducting video interviews with some of the acts backstage, and we’ll also be posting live updates with any breaking news or changes to the timetable on this page. In addition, there will be reviews and photos directly from the pit.

If you’re on the way to Homebake and haven’t had a chance to check out the map, timetable or transport info – it’s all in a handy little guide here.


Photos: Daniel Merriweather


Photos: Tim Minchin


Photos: Angus Stone


Review: Something For Kate

Something For Kate steps up to The Dome as the sun begins to step down. Returning to the Homebake stage for the first time since 2006, the Sydney faithful give a resounding round of applauds to mark the occasion.

The set is temporarily delayed but Paul Dempsey talks the audience through some amp issues and soon enough we’re underway. Delving into their 2012 album Leave Your Soul To Science with the track Eureka, Dempsey howls into the mic and is met in return with howls of appreciation from fans.

The luxury of a returning band nailing their comeback album is that you’re not just trolling the set for classics. Something For Kate’s new tunes each receive a warm welcome and, such in the case of Star-Crossed Citizens, work better in a live setting.

Of course that’s not to say past hits aren’t welcome. Monsters is performed with a renewed vigor and somehow seems more poignant then ever. A multi-universe impassioned delivery of Déjà vu also serves to remind to sustained excellence of Something For Kate.

Dempsey occasionally addresses the crowd; informing the audience that being sandwiched between Julia and Angus Stone is beautiful place to be. But for the most part through it’s all about the tunes. Private Rain, Survival Expert and Miracle Cure are all examples of indie rock at its best and cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run is more then welcome.

With a drum stick flying finish of Electricity, Some For Kate prove they haven’t missed a step although they’ve sorely been missed.

– Marc Zanotti


Review: Hilltop Hoods

An absolute out of control set on behalf of the great Hilltop Hoods, but what else would you expect? With in seconds it became bloody obvious why these dudes are still alive a kicking.

The fact that their set was pieced together using tracks from their whole career, never spending too much time on one album in particular, it was a a perfect opportunity to see just how little energy these guys have lost over the years. So much passion and so much fury all this time later. Kicking things off slow with The Thirst 1, it didn’t take long for things to get old school as the lads, accompanied by life drums and synth, belted out Recapturing The Vibe, a nice tip of the hat to those who have stuck by since those days.

Good For Nothing was thrown into the mix, featured off the bands latest full length Drinking From The Sun. Still Standing came up next, as though the group had a quick message for those with any doubt.

The Hard Road took me back to high school, and a lot of others in the crowd felt the same – most of us still knew all the words. The nostalgia kept coming with the next track Nosebleed Section. Hilltop themselves seemed very pleased with the amount of people who have stuck around since those tracks were released.

Crowd interaction was at an all time high. The boys would routinely take time from the performance to engage with us and each other – even testing one anothers abilities. True showmen, an artform seriously lacking these days.

As talented as they may be, fuck this new wave of Aussie hip hop figures. Hilltop Hoods are kings of this game and always will be.


Interview: Julia Stone


Photos: Julia Stone


Photos: Tame Impala


Interview: Hilltop Hoods


Review: Seekae

Though attendance was low towards the start of Seekae’s performance on the Rowland S. Howard stage here at Homebake, as the minutes went by the crowd seemed to just swell and swell and swell until the tent was full of people vibing out to Electronica stylings of Sydney trio.

I can now safely say, having just had my Seekae cherry popped, that I completely understand the hype surrounding the band. Possessing qualities not unlike those of M83, the songs are glitchy, lofty and sparse – noises seem to be coming out of everywhere and the sheer amount of gear the dudes have on stage adds to that somewhat, but all of a sudden, the moment the track drops…words fail me. The MPC, Synth, mixing and live drums all come crashing down on top of each other pushing forth a solid wall of groove that even this reviewer couldn’t ignore. I grooved.

The Vivid Live alumni now internationally refined were almost 30 minutes into their set before they took a break, almost as if they too had been caught up in the sonic universe currently sprawled out in such an inclosed space. The 2nd half of the set included more of the live vocals that the group have recently delved into, and for that matter, totally conquered.

The atmosphere was massive and thick, it was impossible not to get into a trace as they meandered through their setlist. The only acceptions being some drunk dude who wanted to have a chat and the moment when one of the band members pressed the wrong button, oops – half the crowd jumped out of the skin but moments later, we were all grooving again.

– Mike Hohnen


Photos: The Bamboos


Photos: Last Dinosaurs


Interview: Sam Sparro


Interview: Parachute Youth


Review: Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music appears onstage ready to rip through a set that’s all indie pop/rock and yet every song has a distinct flavour. Fans start running in at the opening sounds of Sad Rude Future Dude and continue to jig away through Rich People Are Stupid and Fence Sitter.

As the set progresses it’s remarkable how recognizable every song is from Ball Park Music. One popular tune follows another and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a ‘best of’ setlist from a band in their twilight as opposed to their beginnings.

Frontman Sam Cromack dances without concern of rock star status, waggling his butt at the crowd and letting the rhythm dictate the spasms of his body. All I Want Is You induces a slow handclap and Ball Park Music’s cover of December 1963 (Oh what a night) is “off the hook” according to at least one excited festival-goer.

Even the calmer Coming Down hits the spot as does Surrender. Closing on the super positive single It’s Nice To Be Alive, Ball Park Music may have just stolen the show at Homebake. “Someone tell Ball Park Music, I love them!” yells out one drunken disheveled fan as the band walk offstage.

– Marc Zanotti


Photos: Sonicanimation


Photos: Tim Rogers


Photos: Hey Geronimo


Photos: Diafrix


Review: San Cisco

Everyones favourite Western Australian’s San Cisco just took to The Main Stage and pretty much just demonstrated to everyone how an awesome performance is meant to go down. Now with their debut full length album getting some serious spinnage just about everywhere, they were able to piece together an array of soundscapes for their performance.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy San Cisco – who hurt you? The youthful charm and charisma years ahead of what they should have, the band looked well and truly at home on stage, albiet being dwarfed by the sheer scale of it all, their energy was undeniable. There were some technical problems, if anyone else noticed, putting their sound guys to the test, but by Reckless, all the kinks seem to have been worked out.

Drummer Scarlet was having a bit of voice troubles, on account of being sick / partying too much (depending on who in the band you want to believe) but still gave it her all and is still my current musical crush, easily. To help out with the female vocal parts, Izzy from The Preatures joined the gang on stage to perform a couple of tracks including beach, as well as their new single Wild Things.

The bands mega hit Awkward capped up a really stylish and professional set. The gang have come so far since they first popped their head up in the Australian Music Scene and something tells me they have much further left to go before we hear the last of San Cisco.

– Mike Hohnen


Review: Seth Sentry

Professional game winner Seth Sentry takes to the main stage equipped with water guns and a cheeky grin. The Melbourne MC appears in the mood to entertain the still sparse but enthused Sydney crowd. Bouncing about the stage and interacting with the audience at every opportunity, Sentry comes across more as an excited fan then a proven professional.

It’s this sense of accessibility that makes Sentry’s songs so appealing. Proving correct the old adage of ‘write what you know’, Sentry’s lyrics turn otherwise mundane routine into matters of highly relatable interest. But it’s also Sentry’s flippant yet genuine personality that suits the songs and makes his music completely believable.

Sentry’s set has all the hallmarks of solid hip-hip show. There’s a DJ solo, a freestyle which makes fun of members in the audience and there’s a special guest; Solo from Horrorshow to perform the single Our Song.

It was not so long ago when The Waitress Song would have easily gotten the biggest pop. Now the popular single is just one of many fan favourites. Dear Science, My Scene and the set closing Float all have the crowd bouncing along and reciting the hooks.

A laidback larrikin with sweet tunes and the ability to converse with his fans, Seth Sentry won’t be playing the midday festival slot for much longer.

– Marc Zanotti


Photos: Homebake 2012 Crowd!


Photos: Lime Cordiale


Photos: Full Tote Odds


Well here we are, Homebake 2012 and one things for sure, it’s not cold! What started off as a bit of a shaky day weather wise has blossomed to one of the finest days we’ve had all summer. Why’s that you ask? Well, it’s partly a pressure system thing, but also due to the fact that we are up to our chins in the best Aussie talent on offer.

Hey Geronimo are filling off The Dome stage having just inflicted some seriously funky fun, Seth Sentry is about to get his jam on via Main Stage, Diafrix are already a few tracks deep into their set and Music Feeds is here to catch it all for you, so don’t stress. We will be reporting directly to you through out the day. We are sun screened up! And seriously hope you are too.

Reviews, photo galleries and interviews will be coming atcha’ left right and centre. And you won’t miss a beat. I’ma go catch me some San Cisco.


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