Hot Dub Time Machine Blames A Minority Of ‘Dickhead’ Fans For Enmore Show Shutdown

Tom Lowndes, better known as Hot Dub Time Machine, has taken to Facebook to address the issue of his show at the Enmore Theatre last Saturday being shut down mid-set.

A heavy police presence, including a riot squad, shut down the all-ages gig around 9:45pm, with those ejected allegedly turning violent and smashing windows outside the Enmore.

Now Lowndes has spoken out for the first time since the incident, explaining from his perspective what happened and stating that he respected the police’s decision to shut the show down.

“It’s clear that there were a large amount of intoxicated young people in and outside the venue,” he said. “A large number of which were refused entry. Some of them were aggressive. There were reports of disturbances by the local residents.

“The police were called by the Enmore to help out, and they got a court order and shut it down. Which is the first time in the long history of the Enmore Theatre that has happened.”

He said that although underage attendees have taken a large portion of the blame, he believes that it the actions of “a small minority of young people at the show,” and isn’t a reflection on all-age gigs in general – of which he’s played many.

Lowndes also confirmed that his second Enmore show this weekend will go ahead, but announced that he won’t be selling any further underage tickets.

For those still planning to attend, he had this message:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage people to think twice before they act like dickheads. I think that people have to realise that their actions at a legendary venue like the Enmore have ramifications,” he said. “In the current political climate, if you turn up drunk, act violently, or just generally be a dickhead, you run a real risk of having the show shut down and a venue being closed forever.

“And venues like the Enmore are too important for that. They are already under siege from residents, councils and hugely powerful political forces, they don’t need this shit.”

Read Hot Dub Time Machine’s full statement, below.

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