How Does Northlane’s New Vocalist Stack Up On New Single ‘Rot’?

Northlane are all set to premiere their new single, Rot, their first with their new “mystery” frontman. Fans are obviously champing at the bit to hear it, but you’ll have to hold on just a little while longer until the track makes its debut.

Luckily for us, and you, we’ve just had a cheeky listen to the Sydney metalcore outfit’s latest jam. Although we can’t share Rot with you just yet, we can tell you all about it, and how Northlane’s soon-to-be revealed new singer stacks up as the replacement for revered ex-vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes.

Northlane were obviously more than aware that fans would be curious about Fitipaldes’ successor’s vocal ability. Rot leaves plenty of space for vocal aerobatics, and we’re pleased to report their new singer is definitely up to scratch. Trust us, you’re gonna love this.

The band stated that they “picked the person that we thought fit best and had the most versatile voice”, which certainly rings true on Rot. It’s a sparse and spacey track at first, but of course that’s just a tease. We’re thrown into the groove at around the 15 second mark, with clean vocals riding smoothly over a fidgety rhythm section.

On first listen, the new singer’s clean singing isn’t quite as rough and ready as Fitipaldes, but the more polished edge allows him to distinguish himself from his predecessor. His high register is razor sharp, and we’re looking forward to hearing it get an even bigger workout soon.

Then, of course, there’s the growl. Northlane’s new frontman gets less rumble, more throat shredding scream here. The dirty vox on Rot aren’t as forthright as something like Dispossession, but they’re definitely no less potent. The switches from singing to growling, and vice versa, are seamless and often in fairly quick succession. It’s impressive, and rings true with Northlane’s previous work.

As for the rest of the band, well, they’re as solid as ever. The track’s stop-start chug-a-thon of a chorus will have you headbanging involuntarily. Rot proves once again that Northlane are masters of the groove and excellent songwriters, building tension and unleashing it with an uncommon energy and force.

Northlane’s new vocalist was selected from public auditions held by the band after Fitipaldes’ departure in September. The band has still offered no comment on speculation that contestant Marcus Bridge is now behind the mic.

Obviously, there’ll be some fans that will never be happy with anyone other than Fitipaldes fronting Northlane. But from what we can hear on Rot, this new singer is a more than worthy replacement. Thankfully all will be revealed soon enough.

You can hear a teaser clip from Rot below, and we’d highly suggest tuning in to triple j tonight from 6.15pm AEDT.

UPDATE: Northlane have revealed the identity of their new vocalist, and released their new single to the world!

Listen: Northlane – Rot

Listen: Northlane – Rot teaser 2

Listen: Northlane – Rot teaser

Northlane @ Big Day Out 2014, Melbourne — Photos By Anwar Rizk


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