How To Turn An “Almost Definitive List” Of Animal Band Names Into A Song

From birds to bears, goats to wolves it seems the animal kingdom serves up an infinite amount of inspiration when it comes to naming musical alter-egos. And two comedians are on the case. Al & Anna, well known in comedy circles for their musical rants, appeared on triple j‘s breakfast show this morning to debut a song claiming to be an “almost definitive list” of animal band names.

“Human iPod” Al Newstead and his comic co-conspirator Anna O’Bryan, have already made waves with their comedic stylings, where they utilise the persuasive medium of song to present the industry’s many absurdities. They went down a treat at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival and went viral earlier this year with their huge medley of sixty ’90s songs performed in six minutes.

Having tackled an entire decade of music, what could possibly be left to conquer other than the strange relationship musicians seem to have with the animal world. The “almost definitive list” tackles most wild species including snakes, birds, lions, fish, dinosaurs and the odd correlation between metal music and goats. Listen below.

Listen: Al & Anna – The “almost definitive list” of animal band names

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