How To Sing Like Your Favourite Australian Artist

Al & Anna, the duo that went viral for their incredible medley of sixty ’90s songs performed in six minutes last month and who more recently managed to turn an “almost definitive list” of animal band names into a song have now given Triple J listeners a lesson in Australian vocal timbre.

The duo teach morning hosts Matt and Alex how to acquire Gossling‘s distinctive singing style — “Sing as far from your natural speaking voice as possible” — take on the distinctive Aussie hip-hop drawl, reveal that Little Birdy singer Katy Steele‘s vocal style is “all in the back of your throat” and is much the same for Katy’s brother and Empire of the Sun frontman Luke Steele, except “cranky.”

To sing like Powderfinger‘s Bernard Fanning one simply imitates “a cranky kid.” When singing like Lisa Mitchell it’s paramount to “channel your inner-child” and not pronounce your words normally, and Sarah Blasko can be achieved by singing like “you have a huge ball in your mouth.”

The duo finish off by explaining that Something For Kate frontman Paul Dempsey can be achieved if you “sing like you’ve smoked a million cigarettes and lifted something really heavy,” before the pair had to make room for “Angus and Julia Stone” who tackled Nirvana‘s Come As You Are.

Listen: Al & Anna – How to Sing Like an Aussie Artist

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