Iggy Azalea’s Aussie Mettle Triumphs Over Hollywood Hurdles

Just give an Aussie battler a chance and they’ll show you what the inhabitants of this sunburnt country are made of. New South Wales native and increasingly high-profile rapper Iggy Azalea did just that after she experienced a technical malfunction during a recent US television performance.

While Azalea entered looking as glamorous as ever, accompanied by the Prom King, minor disaster soon struck after her in-ear monitors malfunctioned, throwing off the timing of her vocals as she performed her single Fancy. Azalea briefly apologised to the crowd and went on with the show.

“I’m so sorry, but there’s something wrong with my ear,” Azalea told the crowd, taking a brief rest from the Southern US cadence she uses when rapping. Not having any of this shit, Azalea simply pulled the monitors out of her ears and proceeded to execute a flawless performance of the track.

And though she may exist in the often harsh world of hip-hop, Azalea showed a little of that home country sensitivity and the characteristic laid-back outlook, tweeting, “Iam so sorry guys! My in ears messed up and I couldn’t hear the track. The dramas of live TV. Shit happens. Still really enjoyed it.”

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