Illy Says Funding Drug Tests At Music Festivals Would Be “A Drop In The Ocean”

Over the past few weeks, rapper Illy has become a pretty prominent voice on the issue of having drug testing facilities at music festivals, and he’s now weighed in on the issue of funding such services.

One of the main arguments against drug testing at music festivals is that tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for people to take risks and indulge in illegal behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, Illy says the cost of funding drug testing services would be “a drop in the ocean” compared to the money the Government has spent “to accommodate mining, ruin the reef” and build the new casino at Bennelong in Sydney.

“Being a musician, and being at festivals, is my job. I don’t go there to get fucked up. I’m not saying this in self interest,” Illy says.

“But young people are going out and not coming home. And that is fucked. And anyone who says “they knew the risk” is fucked too IMO. And when we’re able to do something about that, but don’t, for one of the reasons I’ve said, then that, to me, is stupid and short sighted.”

Illy first spoke out about drug testing at festivals after 25 year-old Sylvia Choi died at the Sydney leg of Stereosonic 2015. Following Ms Choi’s death, 19 year-old Stefan Woodward died at Stereosonic in Adelaide.

Reiterating his initial point in his tweets today, Illy says, “I don’t think upholding a hardline stance should come b4 kids safety, when we can possibly prevent shit by changing our approach.”

This week, Music Feeds collected over 10,000 votes in a poll about whether or not we should implement drug testing at music festivals. People voted overwhelmingly in favour of yes with 83.4% of voters believing that we should implement drug testing.

Read Illy’s full chain of tweets regarding the subject below.

Listen: Illy – Swear Jar

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