Imagine Dragons Frontman Responds To Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Calling Them “The Worst Band Of All Time”

Earlier this year, Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor made a pretty big call in saying that Imagine Dragons have taken the title of “worst band of all time” away from Nickelback. Now Imagine Dragons have hit back.

“They are passing the baton to Imagine Dragons,” Taylor said in a recent interivew with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.

“And I love it.”

“They’re awful, so that’s cool,” he went on. “And they’re from Vegas so I’m gonna go home to protests. Can’t show my face in this town now. Yeah, people are slowly coming back to appreciate Nickelback and then just turning their irksome ire towards Imagine Dragons.”

Well, now Imagine Dragons frontman has hit back by posting a statement on Instagram.

“For a decade now I’ve dealt with critics and other bands saying extremely harsh things about my band,” frontman Dan Reynolds wrote.

“Not what I would call “fair criticism”…but actual click-bait horse shit. Words filled with file and hate meant to feed humanities need to laugh at each other’s imperfections and fails.”

He also namedrops some of the bands that have given his band this criticism.

“I’ve gotten over the fact that guys in other bands (the 1975, foster the people, smashing pumpkins, slipknot, etc) feel a need to talk badly about my band for whatever reason,” he wrote.

“I don’t feel anger towards them actually, just more of a sadness that this industry embraces, even celebrates this mentality. I wish it felt like a place where artists stood by each other and supported one another – regardless of our different tastes and voices.”

Read Reynolds’ full statement below.


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