In Hearts Wake Have Hidden Their New Track ‘Insomnia’ In A Video Game

That’s right — Byron Bay post-hardcore troupe In Hearts Wake have released a video game inspired by the incredibly frustrating mobile app Flappy Bird, and they’ve hidden a brand-new track inside it.

The game, called Skyhoppers, is set in the sky, with users being able to choose which band member (either Jake, Ben, Eaven or Kyle) they want to be.

Your chosen character takes the form of a majestic eagle, before Skydancer‘s lead single Breakaway kicks in, and you try damn hard to get through 30 barriers so you can unlock the previously unheard track Insomnia.

Only if you make through the 30 barriers will you be able to hear the new track before Skydancer is released. And as it was with Flappy Bird, it’s harder than it looks, but practice makes perfect.

Skyhoppers arrives in the lead-up to the release of In Hearts Wake’s new album Skydancer this May, and follows the band’s last video game escapade, which saw them release the Earth Invaders game to promote their earlier album, Earthwalker.

As a bonus for the more hardcore gamers out there, whoever gets the highest score in Skyhoppers before 1st May, will win a rare vinyl test pressing of the album. Skyhoppers is available to play at the In Hearts Wake website.

In Hearts Wake’s national Skydancer tour begins in May, and their new single Erase will get its debut next week.

Watch: In Hearts Wake – Breakaway

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