The Internet Is Having Loads Of Fun At Radiohead’s Expense

UPDATE 09/05/16: Radiohead’s new album A Moon Shaped Pool has been released. Here’s everything you need to know.

After wiping their presence off the internet like a meticulous criminal wipes down his fingerprints, and sending some fans some creepy leaflets, Radiohead have left everyone in the lurch.

Or, they would have done, if not for the internet. As with anything and everything, netizens have ramped up the viral meme machine for the latest instalment of “Making Fun of an Upcoming Album Release”, which was played last week in the lead up to Drake‘s new album Views.

Update 4/5/2016: Radiohead have released their new single Burn The Witch. Check it out here.

So, here’s the best of Meme Monday:

This was put on reddit: “Jonny, seems like I deleted something”

reddit radiohead white xx

Apparently there’s been some shenanigans with the band’s wiki page as well – did the band try to delete that page too, or is some hooligan getting up no good? Either way it’s pretty lolsy:

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Anyway, as smart as Radiohead think they are, this whole white thing seems to be just another case of “The Beatles already did it”:


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