Irish DJ Has Been Sentenced To Prison In Australia For Smuggling Huge Amount Of Drugs

An Irish DJ has today been sentenced to almost seven years in prison for his role in smuggling a huge amount of drugs in Australia.

Stephen Donnelly, 37, was sentenced today at Darwin Supreme Court to six years and nine months in prison for helping to smuggle cocaine and ecstasy in noodle containers.

He was one of four people arrested last October, in a drug bust executed by a multi-agency police operation. Donnelly, who moved to Australia in 2011, was in cahoots with English man Tommy Ransley, French man Sebastian Ducros and local Darwin man Marcus Hansch.

Together, they brought almost $700,000 worth of cocaine and 5,000 ecstasy tablets into Darwin in October last year, before being busted by police and arrested shortly after.

According to Irish Mirrorpolice said that the group had contributed “significantly to the Darwin cocaine and MDMA market.”

In a hearing, Donnelly was regretful, saying he was an “absolute idiot” for what he did.

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