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Man Charged With Stereosonic Drug Supply Given 12 Month Jail Sentence

Daniel Huynh has been sentenced to one year in prison after he was found guilty of supplying a fatal dose of ecstasy to a friend at Stereosonic 2015.

25 year-old Sylvia Choi was rushed to Concord hospital after attending Stereosonic in Sydney last year, but later died of an overdose. Huynh, 26, was charged with drug supply in December.

As ABC reports, Huynh has finally had his sentence delivered, receiving 12 months in jail with a non-parole period of six months. Magistrate Michelle Goodwin explained that the severity of the sentence was linked to comments that were found on Huynh’s WhasApp incriminating him as an organised drug dealer.

Some of the comments that were found referred to the price of importing the drug, as well as instructions from Huynh to his friends to “deny deny deny” if arrested by police. “The language in those conversations show he was an organised and experienced person in drug supply,” said Goodwin during his sentencing.

Huynh’s lawyer Carolyn Davenport SC said that it had still not been established whether the drug that Ms Choi took from Huynh was what led to her death, and that her client “is not to be sentenced for the death of Ms Choi”.

She went on to say that a group of his friends each ordered a specific amount of ecstasy, and that he stood to gain no profit from the deal.

The court further heard that Huynh had lost his job and had been unable to properly grieve his friend’s death given the circumstances.

“He has expressed remorse at the death and the supply of drugs. He has pleaded guilty at the first opportunity,” Davenport told the court.

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