Iron Maiden Drummer’s Wife Due In Court On Domestic Assault Charge

Back in February, it was reported that Boca Raton, Florida resident Rebecca McBrain, the wife of Iron Maiden sticks man Nicko McBrain was nicked on charges of domestic assault. Boca News Now have recently elaborated on the story, claiming McBrain has had her day in court locked in.

Whether or not Nicko was on the receiving end of the domestic battery is still unclear. Early on, rumours started to spread that it was, in fact, the musician but it’s been cleared up that no particular victim has been revealed…which probably means it is Nicko.

As the story goes, Rebecca is in hot water after attacking a man on her property with a “decorative lance” before throwing logs at him, resulting in the victim walking away with minor injuries.

She was taken into custody then released on bail to appear in court on Friday, 3rd May where she plans to plead “not guilty”.

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