Is Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones A Techno Producer? The Internet Thinks So

Alex “Kissing Goblins” Jones, AKA the shoutiest, screamiest, most unhinged political commentator since well, uh, maybe ever, is at the centre of a brand new conspiracy theory.

The rumour currently making its way around the net is that Jones is secretly a techno producer, and though evidence isn’t exactly bountiful, there is some ground to stand on.

For a start, in the background of one of Jones’ recent (and typically insane) videos, the shrieking windbag is filmed standing off to the side from a range of musical equipment, including a TR-808, CDJs and a range of other harder to identify bits and bobs.

Alex Jones Mixing Desk

Just as compellingly, the official Alex Jones YouTube page has on at least one occasion commented on videos of acid house sets, showing off a workable knowledge of synthesizers:

Alex Jones Comment Credit - Youtube

Of course, there are lots of potential explanations for such occurrences. For instance, Jones might have an intern on his team who forgot to sign out of the Info Wars YouTube channel while scouring the net, or Jones might just be a techno fan rather than a producer — having a working knowledge of music doesn’t necessarily mean you make it, after all.

But, given Jones has spent the majority of his career switching off the rational part of his brain and indulging in mad theories himself, maybe it’s time to follow his lead and go all paranoid on this one.

After all, we’re not saying Jones is definitely the brains behind enigmatic artist Daribow, but we’re not not saying that either…

Watch Jones’ latest in-studio video if you dare, below.

Watch: Is Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones A Techno Producer?

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