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M.I.A. Draws Backlash After Tweeting Anti-Vax Sentiments

M.I.A. has drawn backlash for again casting doubt over the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Earlier today, the singer, rapper and producer referenced far-right commentator and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones being ordered to pay nearly $US1 billion to the families of Sandy Hook victims, after falsely claiming the massacre had been a hoax. “If Alex jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?” M.I.A. asked on Twitter.

“Alex jones lying and Pfizer lying both trending,” she wrote in another tweet. “One with penalty other without. If you have no critical thinking faculty, this is about as crazy as we should get before a nuclear war wipe out the human race.” Her comments drew criticism on social media for spreading misinformation. One of the most succinct but relatable responses came from actor Elijah Wood, who simply replied, “ummmm…what?”

M.I.A. Claims Celebrities “Pushing Vaccines” Should “Pay For Lying”

It’s not the first time M.I.A. has been criticised for her views on vaccination. In 2020, the ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Bad Girls’ singer tweeted that she would “choose death” over being vaccinated against COVID-19. Her comments led to Vogue pulling a planned feature article about the artist. “I’m not against vaccines,” she clarified shortly after. “I’m against companies who care more for profit [than] humans.”

The same year, she echoed the baseless conspiracy that vaccination against COVID-19 was linked to 5G. “Prevention is always better [than] cure,” she wrote. “Can you love vax and 5G at the same time?” She later claimed that 5G was able to “confuse or slow the body down” in the “healing process as [the] body is learning to cope with new singles wavelength s [sic] frequency etc @ same time as [COVID].”

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