ISIS Fighter Caught While Wearing Melbourne Band Deez Nuts’ Shirt

We doubt that Melbourne band Deez Nuts ever saw this happening in their music career.

A photo of two alleged ISIS fighters was tweeted by international news outlet Conflict News this morning, and one of them wearing a Deez Nuts jumper.

Conflict News reported that the fighters were caught by the Free Syrian Army, a group of defected Syrian Armed Forces who are fighting against ISIS and Syria’s Al-Assad government.

Deez Nuts themselves have not commented on the photo – and we’re sure they don’t endorse it – though it hasn’t stopped fans from posting it to the band’s social media pages.

Deez Nuts is not new to weird international connections in the public media, having been an accidental part of a 2016 presidential run by a candidate named ‘Deez Nuts’ (15-year-old Brady Olson) just recently.

Hopefully, this one won’t follow them around.

Watch a track from the actual band below.

Watch: Deez Nuts – Face This On My Own

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