iTunes Censor Tenacious D ‘Rize of the Fenix’ Cover Art

Tenacious D has been hard at work and even harder at play with the release of their third record Rize of the Fenix.

The record has already spawned a slew of hilarious clips for tracks Rize Of The Fenix, Roadie and Low Hanging Fruit as well as the outrageously funny band reformation montage video To Be The Best.

Each video has varying degrees of debauchery with Low Hanging Fruit being wildly suggestive and Roadie making reference to Kyle Gass’s chode.

At times a little refrain is understandable such as Jack Black alternating the lyrics to Roadie during a recent performance on David Letterman.

However, a perplexing form of censorship has come way of the Rize of the Fenix cover art being pixelated like the face of an arrested redneck on Cops (as seen above).

Admittedly if you remove the wings from the Phoenix it does resemble an angry set of cock and balls and it is possible that the spelling of Phoenix was altered to be closer to that of ‘penis’ (maybe that’s a stretch) but to blur out the image seems unnecessary.

The censored artwork has so far appeared on, eMusic and iTunes.

Do you think this is censorship gone too far?

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