Tenacious D Let Rip Two New Songs In Cooked First Episode Of Animated ‘Post-Apocalypto’ Series

Tenacious D have hit us with the first instalment of their new six-part animated series Post-Apocalypto, the episodes of which will be dropping like breadcrumbs each week in the lead-up to the release of their new Dave Grohl-featuring album of the same name.

Illustrated by frontman Jack Black and 100% voiced by JB and Kyle Gass, Episode 1 of the show is dubbed HOPE and features all-new music off the D’s forthcoming LP.

In addition to the balls-out rockin’ album closer ‘Post Apocalypto Theme (Reprise)’, we’ve also been gifted a surging ballad entitled ‘HOPE’ which takes a rosy view on the odds of surviving a nuclear holocaust #nawww

The tunes soundtrack the first instalment of JB and Kage’s cooked cartoon adventures, which see things escalate quickly from an eviction crisis to an atomic bomb crisis as the Wonderboys of comedy rock manage to survive a nuclear apocalypse by hiding inside a 1950’s fridge. Yep, full blown Indiana Jones style.

But somehow we don’t know if cock pushups will get them outta this one.

The long-awaited 21-track-packing follow-up to the D’s 2012 album Rize Of The Fenix is due to land on Friday, 2nd November.

Catch the first two tunes premiering via Episode 1 of the duo’s hypetrain Post-Apocalypto YouTube series below.




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