Jack White’s Children Have Formed A Band

Jack White, owner of Third Man Records and one half of the former blues rock duo the White Stripes, claims his kids have formed their own band, and can already see signs of what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Speaking to the New York Times, White says they’ve named the band Coke, not after the love of the soda, but for Coca-Cola Companies iconic logo. White claims that his 4-year-old son Henry (nicknamed Hank) and 5-year-old Scarlett are like “little vaudeville kids. They’ve been onstage for school plays and stuff, and they’re not nervous at all.”

Talking about their musical development he says, “You can see in Henry’s eyes that he really watches the creation of things, and Scarlett is very much a producer — she likes to tell how it’s going to happen. We were messing around a couple of weeks ago, and she was like, ‘I’m hearing two pianos….’”

Both kids belong to White and his previous wife, supermodel Karen Elson, who White claims are more “best friends” or “pals” these days, after their divorce party in June last year.

No word on whether Coke will be releasing anything anytime soon, but I’ll bet you’ll be able to get it on an obscure 7″ via Third Man when it does.

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