Jailed Fake “Scott Weiland” Fronts A Stone Temple Pilots Cover Band

If you thought this fake Scott Weiland arrest story couldn’t get any weirder, prepare yourselves. It turns out that Jason Michael Hurley, the man who fooled police for nearly a month that he was the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, is actually involved in a Stone Temple Pilots cover band.

Alternative Nation points out that according to Hurley’s Facebook page, the doppelgänger was planning on performing in a STP tribute show at Los Angeles’ Roxy Theatre. TMZ reports that the name of the tribute band is Stone Tempered Pilots, but that it may not actually have come to fruition prior to Hurley’s arrest.

According to reports, in another post Hurley brags of his supposed friendship with a bunch of rock stars, including his “buddy” Dave Navarro and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, with whom he shoots the breeze on things like cars. He also claim to live nearby Wolfmother‘s Andrew Stockdale who he describes as the “nicest guy” and “tall as hell”.

“This is my Backyard and these are my Family, Not braggin, im used to going to Ozzies House with Sharon bitching in the background. Also very close buddy, Puddle of mudd Wes Scantlin, and Goo Goo dolls singer jonny Reznic,” he writes. “Im a fuckin rock star but have the luxury of annonymity.”

Last week it was confirmed that Hurley was arrested in late July month for alleged meth use and burglary, and claimed to be former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, fooling LA police for almost a month.

Police had initially claimed that they had performed a “physical check” and that Weiland was “definitely” in their custody. However, they later issued a mea culpa after an FBI fingerprint check revealed that the man believed to be Weiland was actually Jason Michael Hurley.

james hurley

Image via Alternative Nation

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