Jaime XX Inventing A New Instrument?

It’s common knowledge these days that The xx’s Jaime Smith is a fairly forward-thinking kinda dude, so much so that he has found a void which no musical instrument can currently fill, so he’s going to invent it. Well, at least we think.

Speaking to The Observer (Via The 405), Jamie Smith, known as Jamie XX, described the device as a lot “like his beloved MPC sequencer but iPad-like and see-through”, the device promises to generate music through “colourful graphics conjured with the same finger taps that make his music.”

That is, however, all we know about the invention. The interview changes direction then and there so it’s hard to be sure what else will be featured, when it will be created, any plans on a patent, or really whether or not it’ll actually happen.

One thing we do know is that the band’s new album is set to be released super soon. You can expect to find the release in stores as early as next week. If that’s all very sudden for you, you can climatise yourself by streaming the full album from the band’s website, or check out the single Chained below.

Like what you hear? Well you’ll be pleased to know that there have been extensive talks on bringing the band down early 2013.

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