Jane’s Addiction Frontman Perry Farrell Writes News Songs While Recovering From Surgery

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell has made the most of his forced bedrest, penning a massive stack of new songs while he recovers from surgery. As reported by Rolling Stone, the 53-year-old musician has scribed over 60 tunes while on the mend.

“I haven’t written this much or been this prolific since I started when I was in my 20s,” Farrell told Rolling Stone. “It’s been coming out fantastic. I’m super excited. Everything will really start to jell and come together probably this time next year.”

Farrell had previously contemplated following up the themes of Jane’s Addiction’s 2011 LP The Great Escape Artist, but the new material – which Farrell describes as “a nightmare, a fairy tale, all mixed in one”- has taken on a different direction.

“It’s not going to be [a continuation of] The Great Escape Artist. I had thought that it would be a great idea. However, I just came up with this other twist to doing the next record. At this point I want to start fresh with a fresh angle,” Farrell explained.

“It [The Great Escape Artist] didn’t make a big enough splash,” Farrell added. “If it would have made a bigger splash, I would have continued [its themes].”

In other Jane’s Addiction news, the band recently covered The Rolling Stones’ tune Sympathy for the Devil for hit TV series Sons of Anarchy. When speaking about the classic song, Farrell said there is something about the lyrics that speak to him.

“There’s a strange minor sadness to it,” Farrell told Rolling Stone, “where the devil is admitting that he’s somehow in pain over the things that he does. There are times when I feel like I understand the devil very well.”

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