Janoskians Masturbate Over Babies In Denmark, Matt Lucas Publicly Shames Them

**WARNING: multiple cool guy alerts**

It’s no secret that a lot of Australian tourists simply can’t keep it together when they get overseas but it seems the behaviour of drunken Australian fuckheads doesn’t change when they’re abroad for business purposes either. The Janoskians have once again done us all proud by filming themselves fake-masturbating in public for the LOLZ much to the discomfort of parents everywhere and, well, the rest of the planet too.

They might be representing Australia on the international stage but the tweenage pranksters turned boy “band” saw fit to film themselves in various public situations pretending to rub one off. I mean, hey, we’ve all been there, but most of us have the common sense to not film it. Or do it over babies in prams.

The ‘joke’ has already seen The Janoskians labelled as “sleazy, offensive and intimidating” by News Limited, and now they’ve also received a scolding from Little Britain’s Matt Lucas, who took to Twitter to express his concern over the clip:

“Am I too old to ‘get it’? Maybe I am. If so, I’m glad. It’s repulsive. It’s probably also criminal. It’s certainly utterly witless.”

Lucas clearly understands the fine line between edgy and offensive, continuing:

“I hope they see sense and take the clip down. If they don’t, I have no doubt they’ll be destroyed in the press. I wouldn’t normally wish that on anyone but frankly, I think it might be what they need.”

As you’d expect, the boy “band” have a legion of obsessed and naive followers, who launched a barrage of insults towards the comic actor. But, like the whip-smart satirist he is, Lucas brushed them off with a bit of reflective irony:

“Given that @janoskians publicly support anti-bullying, it’s a shame that this message is clearly lost on some of their most ardent fans.”

As you can see in the below screengrab, taken by from a live chat with the “band” hosted by News Limited, the boys clearly prove themselves unable to handle their newfound celebrity. What was meant to be an opportunity for fans to have a light-hearted chat with the “band” turned into a festering cesspit of sexual innuendo – initiated by the Janoskians themselves.

Out of all the bands currently killing it in Australia, these were the guys who managed to break into the UK charts? Perhaps they’re more tolerant of lip-syncing over there. Who knows?

Watch: The Janoskians public masturbation prank

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