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Jenna McDougall Says Bring Me The Horizon Helped Shape Tonight Alive’s New Sound

Turns out we have Bring Me The Horizon partially to thank for Tonight Alive‘s new musical direction.

The Jenna McDougall-fronted Sydney rockers have come a long way from their pop-punk roots, with the songs we’ve heard so far off their forthcoming album Limitless showcasing a much more pop-influenced sound.

And in a new interview with TV3, Jenna credits BMTH for helping them find the courage to push the boundaries of genre.

“We are totally inspired by Bring Me The Horizon,” she said when asked about her thoughts on the Sheffield metalcore act taking out the award for Innovation for their new genre-bending album, That’s The Spirit at this year’s NME Awards (during which they also infamously trashed Coldplay’s table).

“I got goosebumps when I heard they won the NME Innovation Award. It inspired us to want to create our own genre too,” she said.

“Bring Me The Horizon is pop. The sentence sounds wrong coming out of our mouths because we are trained to believe that pop is a top 40 record. They are a metal band but now they are a metal band who sings. Pop just means popular music.”

The Tonight Alive frontwoman also spoke to Music Feeds about the band’s new sonic direction backstage at this year’s UNIFY Gathering.

“Because the band is 8 years old, things are accelerated,” she explained. “It’s not like a human life, it’s like ‘career path life’ and every two years something changes, something clicks, something evolves within us personally and the album’s really a reflection of that.”

“You know if you’re not being true then everything you represent has a gap in it, has holes like a spiderweb with all these spaces so I think we were just solidifying ourselves and our band and our sound.”

Limitless is due out on March 4th.

Meanwhile, Bring Me The Horizon recently announced an Australian tour for this September.

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