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Jeonghan And Wonwoo Of Seventeen Release Debut Single Album

SEVENTEEN’s JEONGHAN and WONWOO have come back with their debut single album, “THIS MAN,” in which they have thrown themselves into a grand project that explores the depths of the human mind, framed by an urban legend regarding an apparition of a man who appears in dreams.

The album is full of new ideas, comes from PLEDIS Entertainment and consists of four chapters, delivering one story about two men moving back and forth between dreams and reality.

Jeonghan And Wonwoo ‘This Man’

Sultry Moombahton opening single, “Last Night,” resonates around the acoustic guitar by Juwon Park, able to capture that insatiable longing for exploration. The R&B “Beautiful Monster” slowly unravels with a haunting melody and is dedicated to JEONGHAN, while the rock ballad “Leftover” from WONWOO reflects upon the pain of awakening to reality. The difference in vocal tones proves very alluring to listen to because the smoothness of JEONGHAN’s tone complements WONWOO’s deep, rough tones.

As SEVENTEEN gears up to perform at this year’s Glastonbury and Lollapalooza Berlin, the album is also a new beginning for JEONGHAN and WONWOO, who each wrote a personal letter that captures their artistic identity: wherein JEONGHAN gushed over WONWOO’s positivity and limitless energy in an interview with V Magazine and WONWOO remarked on JEONGHAN’s peculiar expression and youthful aura.

The duo gave an insight into their creative process and the themes of dreams and reality that run through the album. WONWOO described it as living in a dream, an experience a bit too surreal, whereas JEONGHAN reflected on the overwhelming support from fans and their time spent in the music industry for over a decade.

“THIS MAN” is an ode to the growth in the artistry of JEONGHAN and WONWOO and further creates an atmosphere that listeners can dive into. The album and music video are out now.

Stream the single ‘The Man’ here

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