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Have A Good Day Releases New Single ‘Punch-Drunk in Love’

The Australian duo Have a Good Day has returned with a new single and an accompanying music video with it. The track is titled ‘Punch-Drunk in Love’ and was released on Thursday, 27th June.

The song is an ode to the teenage youthful kind of love which makes the listeners feel all excited and reminds them of their first love.

‘Punch-Drunk in Love’

Have a Good Day started off their music career back in 2023 with their first single titled ‘Somebody, Nobody’ which got them fame and attention from all over the world and got them amazing reviews and likes from Triple J, Pilerats, and MTV. The track was also nominated for WAM Pop Song Of The Year. 

‘Punch Drunk’ actually means “stupefied” or “dazed” which explains the kind of emotions and feelings associated with a whirlwind romance. This song is an 80s-inspired love song and the fans of Chappell Roan and Muna are sure to love this Pop song. 

The lyrics of the song blend together and tell the story of how someone gets madly and deeply in love and gets lost in it. It describes the feeling of how one can totally surrender oneself to the love of the other person. It’s a song that spirals around the cute, new, and youthful love that everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime.

The accompanying music video, released with the song, is colorful, and trippy and just lifts one’s mood easily. It matches the quirky and dreamlike vibe of the song. The amazing locations that the video has been shot in add more vibe to the song. 

Listen I’ll Always Come Find You today here

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