Jeremy Loops Drops H20-Powered New Album ‘Critical As Water’ Ahead Of 2018 Australian Tour

Jeremy Loops has opened the floodgates on his powerful new album, Critical As Water.

Dropping ahead of his first Australian tour in two years, the record follows on from his critically acclaimed debut ‘Trading Change’ LP,  and its theme of water runs deep.

“I grew frustrated trying to force the music because I knew the album was due, but one night after an incredible surf, I got home, picked up my guitar, and wrote [lead single] ‘Waves’,” Loops explains. “Coincidence or not, I became deliberate about scheduling time in the ocean as a means to writing the album and the songs just kept coming”.

Two of the cuts of the 13-track disc — ‘Flash Floods’ and ‘Vultures’ — reference the real water crisis happening in Loops’ hometown of Cape Town, South Africa.

For the uninformed, taps to homes in the region are set to be turned off this April 22nd as the major city edges nearer to becoming the first in the world to run out of water; a terrifying environmental crisis.

However, the album “isn’t all doom and gloom,” Loops adds. “If anything, this is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever made and it’s warm and lush, but the joyful highs are tempered by the real urgency of the problems the world is facing.

“Times are always changing,” he continues. “We all have the innate ability to flow like water to adapt to it. I like that about life, and I especially like how that comes across on this album. It feels wonderfully rounded.”

Give the new disc a spin below, and spy Loops’ 2018 Aussie tour dates down there as well.

Jeremy Loops 2018 Australian Tour

Tuesday, 22nd May

Capital Theatre, Perth

Tickets: Official Website

Wednesday, 23rd May

Fowlers Live, Adelaide

Tickets: Official Website

Thursday, 24th May

Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 26th May

Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets: Official Website

Sunday, 27th May

Factory Theatre, Sydney

Tickets: Official Website

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