John Bonham’s Son Plans To Play Gigs With His Father’s Hologram

After successfully launching his Led Zeppelin Experience multimedia extravaganza, the son of Led Zep’s original drummer Jason Bonham has revealed that he plans on taking things to the next level by incorporating a fully functional hologram of his late father John, allowing the two to perform on stage right next to one another.

Currently, the show already features footage of the late Bonham, who passed away in 1980. At one point Jason plays along to footage of a solo recorded by his old man, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Speaking to Legendary Rock Interviews, Jason explains:

“It’s important to me to have something in addition to the music – that was the whole point of it. It’s imperative that I continue putting together the best shows and take it to the next level. I’m talking to people about holograms, and my dream is to do a drum solo with Dad next to me. That’s my goal, my dream.”

Jason now faces the challenge of compiling enough footage of his father to be able to get a worthy projection. Unfortunately, in a time where rock bands were mysterious, rarely seen figures, footage of the man is scarce. And, apparently, in the ’70s people had better things to do at gigs than film them on iPhones. They just watched them.

“These guys were operating in the 1970s; it’s not like it is today where everybody can record everything with a phone or digital camera. Back in those days, if you had a camera that could record video, you were well off. To edit, work with it, process it and release it was a whole other matter. I’m trying to work with the limited footage I have, to put it together in a way that works and is purposeful.”

We can now add John Bonham to the constantly growing list of dead musicians who will rise once more. Queen are entertaining the idea of digging up Freddie but the most popular ones at this point in time remain Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Jim Morrison.

(Via Classic Rock)

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