John Lydon Hit With Bottle On Stage, Cops It Like A Champion, Finishes Set

Few people are, have been or ever will be as tough as John Lydon. Something that the original punk proved while on stage in Santiago with his current outfit The Public Image Ltd after he was bottled in the head, only to push on through the gushing blood to finish the set like a goddamn champion.

So it’s hard to tell exactly what went down here. But from the dodgy footage, it appears to be an enraged mob tussling amongst themselves. On the stage, Lydon can be seen hobbling about, dabbing his head with a towel. Blood is just about the only thing you can clearly see in the footage, as well as Lyndon taking to the mic shortly after to declare “What a fucking coward.”

And he’s right. It takes a very, VERY special person to feel entitled enough to bottle someone performing from the safety of the faceless crowd. At this stage, it doesn’t seem like anyone was caught, or if anyone was actually looking at them but damn, they sure got told.

Lydon rose to the status of public enemy under the moniker Johnny Rotton, oh he of Sex Pistols fame.

So why on earth you’d risk life and limb to bottle ~literally~ the craziest motherfucker of all time, hardened even further by time is beyond us. See if you can make any sense out of it:

WATCH: John Lydon bottled on stage with PiL

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