Mid-00s Queen JoJo Flips Her Classic Tune ‘Leave (Get Out)’ Into ‘Chill (Stay In)’ As A Gift For Your Self-Isolated Soul

Everyone social distancing and keeping home at the moment is making for some good content (as long as we ignore that ‘Imagine’ video…). Now, JoJo has jumped on board with a parody of her 2004 hit ‘Leave (Get Out)’.

Stuck in quarantine, JoJo has rejigged her hit song to deliver an important message. The coronavirus-themed tune is performed at her dining table, using her fists to make a beat. Titled ‘Chill (Stay In)’, the song begins with, “I never though that Corona/Could be such a nasty bitch.”

“Stay in/Right now/Do it for humanity,” she continues. “So you’re gon’ learn how/To cook now/And practice good hygiene,” she sings.

The bridge also includes the highlight line, “And I refuse to die/I’ma keep my ass inside.”

Extremely sensible advice tbh. Watch the full video below.


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♬ original sound – iamjojoofficial

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