Phony Ppl Guide Us Through Their Latest Album ‘Euphonyus’ Ahead of 2023 Australian Tour

Phony Ppl
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The music of New York quintet Phony Ppl blends elements of hip hop, R&B, soul and jazz. The group’s genre-fluidity is reflected in their choice of collaborators: the band’s latest album, Euphonyus, includes guest appearances from hip hop megastar Megan Thee Stallion, soul and jazz brass band The Soul Rebels and R&B artist JoJo.

Phony Ppl will be performing songs from Euphonyus on their October 2023 Australian tour, which includes headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The group was last here in 2019, performing at that year’s Splendour in the Grass and playing a pair of headline shows. Ahead of their return visit, Phony Ppl give us the low-down on the songs that make up Euphonyus.

Phony Ppl: Euphonyus

1. dialtone.

Phony Ppl: The music video was created 100% by Bari Bass. 2330 frames over 1.5 years (off and on).

2. take it easy.

PP: The impatient creates unnecessary storms.

3. splashin.

PP: ‘splashin.’ is a song about meeting someone sexy during a performance. Meeting someone sexy while performing that song will be the feedback loop of life.

4. love just died.

PP: This is a tragedy of love ending, soaked in sultry sounds, melody and rhythms. We collaborated with Alissia on the production of this groovy song and our friend Braxton Cook pulled up and played sax.

5. warmest winter.

PP: ‘warmest winter.’ was probably the fastest song to come together as a foundation. It was made on our very last day of a few weeks of recording in LA. It was actually supposed to be our day off but when Kaytranada hit us and said he had some time to get into the studio we couldn’t resist.

The combination of his and Matt’s drums inspired Bari’s bassline immediately. From there, we didn’t leave the studio until the following morning and we had the core of every part laid down.

6. been away.

PP: Coping with the loss of someone close.

7. try. (feat. JoJo)

PP: The music was recorded the same day as ‘Fkn Around’. Thanks to JoJo and Leon Thomas III for their contributions.

8. don’t knock & common courtesy.

PP: These tracks were supposed to be separate, but we decided to marry the two due to the similar motif happening at the beginning of ‘don’t knock’ and the end of ‘common courtesy.’ Braxton Cook played flute and sax.

9. to get home. (feat. Leon Thomas & The Soul Rebels)

PP: This song is like being in the middle of a party and realising you’ve reached that point in the night where you just want to go home. You had a great time but might’ve done too much. We’ve all been there before. Our friend Leon Thomas was an integral collaborator in the writing process of this song.

10. Fkn Around (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

PP: ‘Fkn Around’ is the first song we recorded on the album. It was the first beat our producer, Ivan Barias, showed us. It’s set the precedent for the album. Our A&R, Selim Bouab, had just signed Megan Thee Stallion and suggested we have her on the song.

11. Nowhere But Up

PP: ‘Nowhere But Up’ is one of the last additions to the album. We wanted to create something up-tempo and fun.

12. what it feels like. (feat. The Soul Rebels)

PP: This is the only song that we have on this album that started off with all of us playing at the same time at Chalice Recording Studios, LA. Soul Rebels came in the same day and blessed us with the horns.

Phony Ppl 2023 Australian Tour

  • Sunday, 15th October – Liberty Hall, Sydney NSW
  • Tuesday, 17th October – 170 Russell, Melbourne VIC
  • Wednesday, 18th October – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD

Tickets on sale now

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