Justin Bieber Is Flogging A Marilyn Manson Shirt As His Own Tour Merch

In this week’s episode of Random Shit That Justin Bieber‘s Gone And Done, the pop-bro has apparently started hocking Marilyn Manson t-shirts at his concerts as official Bieb tour merch.

Legit, the sleeveless tanks have a giant pic of the Pale Emperor’s face on the front alongside the words “Marilyn Manson”, so there can be no confusion.

Or, you know, all the confusion in the world because WTAF.


Oh but on the back though, it’s got written in a badass font: “Bigger Than Satan… Bieber.”

Yep, righto.


da fuks

So ironic. So cutting edge. So FASHUN.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, the shirt’s design is basically identical to that of a legitimate piece of Manson merch available at US retailer Hot Topic for less than US$17.

But The Biebs has jacked up the price to an astronomical US$195 (about AU$260) for his new official threads, which is also being sold at luxury retailer Barneys because apparently that’s where all the cool artists are doing business these days?

But here’s a plot twist: Manson himself actually gave the OK for Bieber and designer Fear Of God to “reinterpret” the original image design, according to a new Insty post from FoG’s Jerry Lorenzo.

This came after a highly-publicised fashion war back in March that saw Manson roast Bieber for wearing his merch to a church event and then culminated in the pair apparently calling bygones and taking a selfie together.

Either way, Manson-Bieber shirts are a thing now.

And it’s something that’s bound to leave a sour taste in the mouth of any metal fan, but hey, maybe the shock rocker is just subtly trying to convert Beliebers to the dark side before he releases his brand new album?

Let’s hope so.

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