Justin Bieber Has Pissed Off The Internet By Wearing Metallica And Nirvana Tees

Justin Bieber has been on The Ellen Show all this week promoting the release of his new album but it’s not the fact that he’s been on TV all week that’s been annoying people, it’s the fact he’s wearing a Metallica t-shirt.

Fans of “real music,” as they’re subtly referring to themselves, erupted on Twitter sharing their disgrace that Bieber would dare don Metallica merch and smear their good name.

“Justin Bieber out here disrespecting be wearing their shirt. SMH,” wrote one tweeter while another asked, “someone please tell me why the fuck Justin Bieber wore a Metallica shirt on Ellen #disrespect.”

As you can tell everyone’s very upset about it but one Tweeter posed a very good question. “The real question is why were metalheads watching Ellen,” they tweeted. Looks like it’s not only US television either, the Biebs was also spotted donning the Metallica merch during a performance on the UK’s Graham Norton Show.

But to make matters worse, it’s not just Metallica that he’s sporting on his chest, he’s also been getting around town in a Nirvana tee.

“Mystery solved: Justin Bieber wearing Nirvana shirt killed Kurt Cobain,” one hyperbolic person of the internet tweeted. Very clever.

Twitter is a very angry place right now but hopefully they will calm down once they hear Bieber’s new album Purpose, due out Friday. Watch Bieber’s Graham Norton Show performance, complete with Metallica tee, below.

Watch: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? – The Graham Norton Show

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